This page displays a few recent catches made during the past few months. You will also find pictures from a recent stock enhancement. The pictures from an impressive fishing session are also presented. A short explanatory text can be displayed simply by positioning the mouse cursor on each picture. To enlarge pictures, simply click on them.


Here are pictures of some of the carps caught recently.

Janvier 2016

June 2015

Winter 2012

Fall 2012

Summer 2012

Fall 2011

June 2011

Former Pictures

Fish Stock Enhancement

The lake has been stocked with fish in February 2010. Here are some of the pictures that have been made at this occasion.

A Fishing Session

During a fishing session in August 2010 (from the 11th to the 13th), two fishermen from Holland made an impressive score of catches. Here are pictures from this session as well as the log of their catches (in Dutch)

Here is the log from the session as it has been established by the two fishermen (schubkarper = common carp, spiegelkarper = mirror carp, steur = sturgeon):

1.30 uur schubkarper
2.30 uur spiegelkarper
2.31 uur spiegelkarper
5.15 uur spiegelkarper
6.20 uur schubkarper
10.40 uur spiegelkarper
16.30 uur steur
16.40 uur steur
17.20 uur een losser
17.42 uur een losser
20.10 uur spiegelkarper
20.30 uur schubkarper
21.45 uur spiegelkarper
1.10 uur spiegelkarper
2.35 uur spiegelkarper
2.45 uur schubkarper
4.15 uur spiegelkarper
5.30 uur een losser
10.30 uur steur
15.10 uur spiegelkarper
16.50 uur een losser
18.10 uur spiegelkarper
18.25 uur spiegelkarper
18.40 uur lederkarper
21.15 uur spiegelkarper
2.40 uur spiegelkarper
3.30 uur schubkarper
5.10 uur lederkarper
5.30 uur spiegelkarper
5.45 uur spiegelkarper
6.00 uur rijenkarper
10.10 uur schubkarper

Author: Philippe Deverchère - Last Update: June 25, 2015