Fishing Rules

Rule 1:Fishing is open from March 1st to December 30th, fishing permits not required. The lake's owner reserves the right to exclude any fisherman who does not respect the rules or the fish.
Rule 2:Every fisherman and accompanying (child, wife...) should have adequate insurance and medical cover as Aquadev will not be responsible for any injury or health problem that might happen for the duration of the stay.
Rule 3:No braided line and barb-less hooks only. Braided rigs allowed.
Rule 4:The fish will be carefully handled. A large sized un-hooking mat and weighting sling must be used and kept wet at all times. A night sack is allowed for next day photographs but the time must be kept to a minimum. All photos must be taken over the un-hooking mat and be at knee height for obvious reasons. All hooks holds and abrasions must be treated with the correct solution before returning the fish to the water.
Rule 5:After fishing, the used location will be left clean; the fishermen will bring their own garbage bags and take them at the end of their stay. An American shovel is available to bury the "relieves"...
Rule 6:The exclusive reservation of the lake will be done by phone (+33 6 82 38 29 02) or by email at:

A cheque deposit will be required for the booking.
Rule 7:Accompanying people may fish with no charge if booking lake exclusively. This is a No Kill venue.
Rule 8:Are allowed:
- marker floats; bait boats and waders.
- boat use for playing the fish;
- barbecues, dogs kept on a lead.
Rule 9:You have exclusive use of the lake, for up to 8 people and the lead member will be responsible for the whole party. Any breaking of any rule and the party will be asked to leave with no reimbursement of the cost of the trip.

Author: Philippe Deverchère - Last Update: June 13, 2010