A description of the stock from the lake is available under the form of a PDF file that you can download (last update April 1st, 2010).

This list reflects in a non exhaustive manner the stock of fish which have been caught since 2006. Every new fish which is caught is ringed with a unique number positioned at the basis of the Dorsal Fin. This is done with great care. This ring system allows us to figure out how the carp are growing over time and to check the general sanitary conditions of the lake.

Since the lake has never been drained, every new fishing season delivers its share of surprises... Furthermore, around 30 new fish are coming from various fish farms in the region and are released in the lake every year between (9/15 kg).

The total stock of the lake can be estimated to 280 carp with a minimum weight of around 3 tons.

Author: Philippe Deverchère - Last Update: June 13, 2010